We Make Connections.

We Make Connections.

The passion that drives us is helping others connect – in a variety of ways. We help our clients connect with their customers and vice-versa. We believe that pretty much everything in life can be boiled down to relationships. And that’s our focus.

We understand that the physical and digital things we design and create with the utmost craft and care are not the end, but are simply conduits to help relationships form, flourish and grow. When we design a logo for an organization, it is with the purpose of enabling those who make up the organization to effectively convey who they are and what they are about – to a specific audience, big or small. We work hard to create a connection between those who need and those who provide, those who can help and those who need help, those who need a product, a home, a service – and those who can provide those things.

Where we really excel is in orchestrating all the components in the varied media to work and play together to create a well-harmonized and unified message to reach our clients’ audiences in a way that they can’t help but be persuaded to — call for service, buy the product, donate the money, enroll for classes, lend a hand, say a prayer, cast a vote, love a child, give a gift, save a life, take the first step…

Give us a call at 843.849.1038 or send us an email. We’d love to connect with you.

Marketing Design

The primary thing we do. Whether you need a brand new identity for a start-up business or a makeover to reinvent your existing venture, we can help. Take a moment to see how the process works and then call or drop us an email to get started.

Production Services

OK, so now you have a great design for your logo, stationery, business cards, brochure, catalog, signage, T-shirts, etc. What next? Blue South Creative can handle the production for you as well, at competitive pricing and with reasonable schedules.

Web Development

Then we have the world online where we create websites, landing pages, email campaigns, custom social media solutions, online promotions, QR codes, portfolios, videos, search-optimized content and more.


Blue South Creative offers a wide range of professional photographic services to help convey your story to your target market in an impactful way. From product photography to portraits, in our studio or on location, we’ll capture the perfect shots for your project.